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Yakima WA

The Heart of Central Washington

Located in the heart of Central Washington, Yakima attains a strong sense of community, low cost of living, and is an ideal place to work, play, and live. Founded over 125 years ago, Yakima has since been known for being the focal point of culture, business, and government in Washington state. Originally built along the Northern Pacific Railway company line, it is rich with history. In 1805 famous explorers Lewis and Clark traveled through the area. Soon after, news of fertile soils and abundant wildlife spread fast and people started settling in the area now known as the Yakima Valley. This diverse metropolitan area has since grown into the city we know today.

The Yakima Valley gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of the beautiful outdoors and endless recreational activities like hiking, fishing, skiing, white river rafting, etc. Yakima is also blessed with beautiful weather. In summers the temperature usually ranges in the 80s-90s, while in the winter it drops to the 30s-40s. There are 300 days of sunshine and 4 distinct seasons.

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