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Buying Tips for Yakima Homes for Sale

Looking at Yakima homes for sale can sometimes be an overwhelming process. From choosing the right neighborhood to finding the right size. We have made a list of home buying tips to give you an advantage and get you closer to buying your dream home.

Become financially savvy
First of all, being knowledgeable about the financing basics is important and can help the home buying process go smoothly. Do some research online and make a few calls to local lenders and banks, or the agents here at Yakima Fusion.
Having good credit is also important before you buy a home, this can help lower interest rates and potentially save you money. You can order a credit report online. To keep your credit intact, avoid switching your money around because it causes your credit score to take a temporary dip. If your credit score isn’t where you want it to be, don’t worry, there are programs and options available, ask us about them.

A down payment and mortgages
The more you can afford to put down on your home the better, this will help you get a better deal and also can lower your mortgage payments. A down payment can be anywhere from 5-20% of the cost, there are also closing costs which can be about 1-3%. Be proactive and save up before you decide to buy Yakima real estate.
It’s important to do some research when determining which mortgage fits your needs. There are pros and cons to different mortgages. There is the standard 30-year rate, this can give you foreseeable payments, or there are adjustable rates which can also be beneficial. Compare rates and ask questions from different sources, your lender can help you calculate monthly expenses. Once your finances are in order and you get pre-approved for a mortgage you can begin the search!

Price Range
Determining a price range is important. When deciding on this don’t forget to include lifestyle expenses such as tuition, family size, credit card bill, and maintenance and utilities for your new home. These are all important factors that play a role in your price range. Pick a price range before you start looking at Yakima homes for sale. This way you'll avoid looking at homes out of your price range.

Shopping for your new home
This is the exciting part, but it can also be a lot of work. Work with your Yakima realtor to make a list of your deal breakers and must haves, remember to be reasonable. Before making an offer, be sure that you have looked at a good number of potential homes and consider factors such as neighborhood resources, distance to school, or your work commute. If you would like some insight to be sure to ask your Yakima real estate agent for information on the area.

Making an offer
Work with your real estate professional to make a strong and informed offer. There is a lot to consider such as what stays and goes, contingencies, etc. Once your offer is accepted, be sure to check out moving resources and get quotes on movers in the area. On our website, you will be able to find a list of Local Links and Resources to make this part a little easier for you. Keep in mind you also want to hire an inspector to make sure the house is up to standards before the deal closes.

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