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Home Inspection Services

Looking at homes for sale in Yakima WA? One crucial step in getting a home inspection. Take a look at our favorite home inspection companies in the area.


Home inspections are a crucial step to take when you are considering selling, or even buying, a home. Home inspections are a critical step in the home buying process. For some home loans, an approved home inspection is required. Home inspections are relatively inexpensive, and you can find out things that are wrong with the house you are either selling or buying. A home inspection for a buyer could be the difference in whether or not they buy a house, and if they do decide to buy the house, what kind of renovations will need to be made. A quality inspection will give the buyer information about the home that the seller cannot, and it will let the buyer know exactly what they’re getting themselves into. Many buyers do not consider having an inspection done on a house they are interested in, but this is a step that you should definitely take to ensure that you are getting the most out of your purchase. A home inspection for a seller could be the difference in whether or not you sell the house. A home inspection is important to do when selling your house so that you know what needs to be fixed up. In this seller's market, if you have your inspection done ahead of time, you can speed up your home selling process significantly. The less renovations a buyer has to make, the better. Consider it an investment that will pay off in the future.

We have a few companies that we are confident in, and we would like to share them with you in case you are interested in having an inspection done.

A-Pro Home Inspectors

Since 1994, A-Pro has been helping its clients make smarter, better and more informed decisions as they buy or sell a home. As one of the leading Yakima Home Inspection service companies, A-Pro not only offers you the best possible home inspection, service, and value but also provides you with the peace of mind that your investment is protected through our iron-clad 120-day assurance guarantee.

Contented Ewe Home Inspectors

One of South Central Washington's leading home inspection services!

Lozier Home Inspections

Serving Central Washington State with an accurate, thorough and timely home inspection at a fair price. Consistent thoroughness, value, and integrity guaranteed.